Video to Inspire, Educate and Entertain!

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Our Mission!

Video to Inspire, Educate and Entertain!

We can translate ANY idea into a video!  BUT... WHY CHOOSE VIDEO?

  > Every minute of every day, 300 new videos are uploaded to YouTube

  > According to Forbes Magazine, many successful companies are spending 60% of their Marketing Budget on Video

  > It is expected that by 2017, 74% of all web traffic will be through video viewing

VIDEO is the best way in the 21st century to EDUCATE others about your business!  There is no better way to give your audience a sense of who you are and what you do!

It's a Creative Collaboration!

You know your business and we know video!  Our team here at Solaris 3 Productions has a combined 50 years of experience and our expertise is just what you need to create the best videos possible.

EVERYTHING has a story, including your organization... let us help you tell it!  Our skills will allow us to create unique and creative videos to sell your product or service.   It's important that the videos we produce ENTERTAIN your audience and keep them coming back for more... in turn keeping your product or service in the forefront of their mind.  Let video play a major role in your marketing plan.

We will work with you from the initial idea, through the conceptual phase and into production. The process  culminates in a completed piece that delivers that desired message, in a creative and professional video!

Be Inspired and Have Fun!

A video can INSPIRE someone to take action, support a cause, live a dream and even purchase a product or service!  The opportunities are endless! Our team at Solaris 3 Productions know how to think outside of the box to create the perfect series of videos to inspire your audience to remember your organization!

We guarantee that you will have an extraordinary experience working with us.   It's not just about "getting it done"... it's about enjoying the process as well.  It is our goal to create the best video product to help you grow your business and build a video presence on the web for your organization!  And while we are doing that, let's have an enjoyable time as production is FUN and you will see that when working with the team here at Solaris 3 Productions!

WELCOME to Solaris 3 Productions!

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